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Becoming an ADHD Coach

Cory Henderson, ADHD Coach |

I am proud mother of five sons and grandmother to sixteen wonderful grandchildren. Family is everything to me and I’ll gladly expound on each individual if given the opportunity.

The day I was diagnosed with ADHD was ‘devastating.’ All I had in my mind were the stereotypical assumptions usually attributed to those stuck with the label and it was discouraging. With an internal resolve I didn’t realize I possessed, I started on a venture of discovery—one that changed my life in ways I could not have imagined.

I learned about and became passionate in my studies at the iACT Coaching Center and am now a Certified ADHD Life Coach. My greatest desire is to help others better manage their ADHD lives.

ADHD Coaching Helps

I believe others can benefit from my knowledge, training and experience as an online ADHD Coach. I’d like them to learn to do as I believe I have done—turn discouragement into success. I believe those who have been given the gift of ADHD are creative, resourceful and whole.


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